Life is Good

Life is good

Last few weeks had been really hectic. I needed a breather badly, I wanted to indulge in some activities which could help me overcome exertion. I valuated many activities and finally settled on watching some funny videos on Youtube. Yeah, I had thought of many options which could be good stress reliever like I thought of playing sports or to go for cycling, to go clubbing etc. But finally I turned on Youtube and started watching Stand-up comedy acts.

Lately, stand-up comedy market has emerged in the country and it’s amazing to watch such great talent. The actors are really good and they leave no stone unturned to entertain the audience. I feel delighted to watch the comic timing of the performers, the dialog delivery, variations in the emotions and expressions and many other things. And I must admit these guys (and girls, I should mention girls as well to avoid protests from the Feminists gang …. just kiddingJ) are far better as compared to the much hyped actors of the mai…

Going Gaga over Germany!!!

OK, So here we are! In Europe! The dream destination of millions to live. The first name that came to our mind to visit in Europe is Germany!! A country synonymous to World Class Engineering, Automobiles, Beer etc and the cities you would want to visit are Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt. I am sure You have these cities in your wishlist. Don’t You? But we had a different plan. We wanted to explore small cities or villages. We wanted to explore the country side. I believe the smaller cities/towns are generally more beautiful, serene, scenic, away from the hustle and bustle, hotch-potch of larger cities. If you truly want to see the real beauty of a country than Country-side is the place to go.
Brace yourself my dear friends, I am going to take you to experience the breath-taking beauty of this really beautiful city – Radolfzell.
A small, beautiful German town located on the banks of Lake Constance or as Germans call it as Bodensee lake. The main attraction of this town is the lake…