Going Gaga over Germany!!!


OK, So here we are! In Europe! The dream destination of millions to live. The first name that came to our mind to visit in Europe is Germany!! A country synonymous to World Class Engineering, Automobiles, Beer etc and the cities you would want to visit are Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt. I am sure You have these cities in your wishlist. Don’t You? But we had a different plan. We wanted to explore small cities or villages. We wanted to explore the country side. I believe the smaller cities/towns are generally more beautiful, serene, scenic, away from the hustle and bustle, hotch-potch of larger cities. If you truly want to see the real beauty of a country than Country-side is the place to go.

Brace yourself my dear friends, I am going to take you to experience the breath-taking beauty of this really beautiful city – Radolfzell.

A small, beautiful German town located on the banks of Lake Constance or as Germans call it as Bodensee lake. The main attraction of this town is the lake itself. A lake spread as long as 63 Kms and would You believe it is still not the largest lake in Europe?

And did I mention this lake falls in three of the most beautiful countries of Europe - Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

It  was a beautiful, sunny October morning. The sun was just past the horizon, still bright enough. The sun mirrored itself in the Bodensee. The sunrays shone & shimmered in the blue and believe You me, it was breadth-taking beauty. The weather was just about perfect, must be around 10-11 0C. The breeze was calm and all so soothing. What I really loved about this place was the utter silence that had engulfed this place. Not that it was completely silent, I could hear the whispers of the wind. Then there were plenty of ducks, geese, pair of swans swimming in the lake making different sounds. The entire atmosphere was just charismatic.

The morning rays of the sun felt so pure, so pious, away from all the pollution of the modern world as if filtered by God Himself. I could see a plenty of people renting a boat or yacht and sailing.

I was travelling in the train of thoughts after such long time. I don’t remember when was the last time I spoke with myself. And then I realized that most of the times we are trapped in the digital world and cluster of electronic gadgets.

The world looked entirely different. Evenings walks had never been so soothing. The sky is filled with so many wonderful colours. There were myriad patches of at least hundred shades of red and yellow. At many a places, the different shades of red would blend with different shades of yellow to give another hundred shades of orange or pink.  




































People Cry when they lose on their Love,

I cannot even Cry,

I never knew you loved me,

You made me fall in a Fantasy World,

Now I am All Alone,

Walking the lonely Streets……………